I feel like at some point in time, any of these things could have and should have been stopped
  1. who is the weirdo who invented ventriloquism and why did it continue?
  2. who was the first person to do this and why is this culturally embraced or accepted as entertainment?
  3. why do so many people want to teach their kid to mow a lawn?
  4. or aim only this high?
  5. why do dolls look murderous?
  6. why narcissistically give dolls that look exactly like kids do or make kids look like dolls?
    this image is going to give me nightmares
  7. why are there baby shoes?
    why wear shoes before your kid can walk? You know your kid hates them, right? I feel like those padded shorts people wear in spin class might make more sense. or gloves
  8. disgusting