1. tonight I read about the loss of @biz, who was an incredible poet and a smart, funny person and a widely-loved member of this community.
    @alligeeshow and @k8mcgarry wrote beautiful lists about biz and what it means to check in, to stay in touch, and to really be there for someone else. and how hard that is when we're so tenuously connected online. that someone can be gone for two weeks and even with visibility here and supportive friends and family, no one here knew what was happening.
  2. i understand, it's hard to feel supported by this world and easy to feel disappointed by it or yourself or the way your life has gone.
    this world takes so much more than it gives and it's exhausting. it is.
  3. many of us struggle with depression
    poets like @biz are certainly prone to it as are artists like me, and writers and comedians like half the people here. we know this. we know we are at a higher risk in many ways. li.st has helped us find support and a place to be able to express common feelings, and we are ultimately here for each other on that level, I know we are and I know we mostly have that in common. no one here should feel alone because you are not alone. you are NOT alone.
  4. but if you're struggling in that way where it feels like you're drowning
  5. please reach out.
    it's the hardest thing in the world to do when you're feeling it, but you must. for yourself and no one else. you can reach out to me, or you can reach out to all of list or you can reach out beyond, but I promise hands are here to hold you if you let them.
  6. I use talkspace (talkspace.com / app for licensed therapist) and it keeps me in perspective when i'm spiraling.
    I recommend it for that, if it's a daily issue for you as it is at times for me.
  7. this app can be an incredible place for support and sharing.
    you guys have helped me on many occasions. including this past week when I have seriously been struggling as well.
  8. there are licensed therapists in our community as well. they are here.
    @linz904 and @ouizoid are two.
  9. but there is more support for you, too, beyond.
  10. +18002738255
    National Suicide Prevention Hotline.
  11. it exists for emergencies. it exists for those dire, late hours where you cannot stop crying or trying to make sense of this world and your life and are just coming up blank.
  12. that number is there for when you know you have all the support in the world but it just isn't enough to make you want to endure any more of what you're enduring.
  13. that number is there for when you don't have any support at all and you feel so, so alone.
  14. you are not alone.
  15. you will want to live another day, someday.
  16. please be here for it.
  17. and know you are not alone.