using photos I actually took myself! Inspired by @kscid and 100 others
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    North: Reykjavik, Iceland!
    I went snorkeling in 35 degree water (wearing a thermal dry suit). climbed a glacier! saw the northern lights while heavy winds blew away our gloves right off our hands (didn't know that was possible)! went in winter, experiencing the full brutality and beauty of it. I LOVED ICELAND. but very little is alive here. for a wildlife-rich experience, I recommend Alaska: in Seward I saw orcas and porpoises, goats on the sides of mountains seemingly velcroed there, otters, puffins, bears, moose!
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    South: Galápagos Islands, Ecuador!
    I went snorkeling here, seeing more fish, sharks, sea lions and even penguins in the wild than I could have ever imagined possible. hammerheads! sting rays!
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    East: Venice, Italy!
    I did not go snorkeling here, but I was on a boat every day! I cannot overstate how this place snakes itself into your brain forever through the sheer geographic weirdness of it. No wildlife, but a great art expo (the Venice biennale - pictured here: a photo I took of an installation in Japan's pavilion.)
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    West: Kauai, Hawaii!
    I went snorkeling here and there were a lot of sea turtles and we saw like 3 endangered monk seal which is a lot considering how few remain. mostly it's like paradise like how you picture paradise might look. also there are a lot of wild chickens.
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    when you go to see the world, make sure you look at the changing world below, too!
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    bonus: this is my favorite picture from Kauai. it was taken in a parking lot.
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    bonus: this is a photo I took while under water in the Galápagos.
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    I took a lot of good pictures on that trip. I take fewer now because 👀👀👀👀
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    here are some more iceland pictures I took, my request
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    I took the first photo in this list from the top floor of this church
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    inside this church was cool, too
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    another photo from the top
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    driving was scary
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    wind blowing snow over the roads, it looked like heaven but half the time no one could see the road at all
    (we were passengers not drivers btw)
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    sunrise at the blue lagoon
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    this is all I have on my phone really! but there you go