Ok, more than a couple people requested this story, so here it is. For background on what the hell I'm talking about, read this list: GOOD NEWS, DECEMBER! 👯
  1. We were in Rome.
    First time in Italy ever, this year! 🇮🇹🍷🍝❤️ (Obsessed now, constantly saying "we have to go back" like on LOST)
  2. Walking down the street, peacefully.
    The only thing I remember that was unusual was that I was dressed poorly but we were only running an errand -- trying to find an ATM near our hotel.
  3. We heard shouting and screaming.
    An altercation, it sounded like.
  4. I looked up.
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    And down on the sidewalk, staring right back at me about 100 feet away was someone who looked exactly ExACTLY like this.
  5. She was screaming... at me.
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  6. Not my husband.
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  7. Not any of the other people on the sidewalk.
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    And there were lots of others.
  8. She was pointing and screaming like a lunatic.
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  9. At me.
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  10. Everyone on the sidewalk stared at me.
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    With obvious looks of wonder, "what did you do to piss off this woman??"
  11. It was weird but whatever.
    We laughed about it immediately, for obvious reasons.
  12. 🕑
  13. We walked back to our hotel after finding a bank and running a couple other small errands.
  14. Walking down the same street, again the shouting.
  15. Again, from hundreds of feet away, this.
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  16. At me.
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  17. Only me.
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  18. The screaming got so much worse as we got closer.
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    and the pointing!
  19. It was actually kind of scary.
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  20. We wondered why she hated me, in particular, so much.
    Her focus on me was laser like!
  21. We left Rome the next day and had new adventures in new cities.
    ugh, Italy. I hate being one of those people who pine for Europe. I am one of those people now.
  22. We told lots of friends the sidewalk screaming story as just one of many hilarious things that happened to us in Italy.
    My mild mannered, super calm husband also got into a screaming match with a Russian guy on a sold out train who would not vacate our reserved seats.
  23. But I had very bad luck for months after this happened.
  24. Very bad luck.
    Another example: YOUR PHONE IS DANGEROUS
  25. One day, a friend of mine said:
  26. "Well, you were gypsy cursed that one time in Italy"
  27. Super nonchalantly.
  28. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
    Why did it take me like 4 months to realize this? Why did I not realize this until it was pointed out to me??
  29. I told my mom and @thetrillwitch
    because they are both magic people ✨
  30. My mom said something weird:
  31. "I'll take care of it"
  32. Moms are always taking care of things.
  33. Almost immediately, good luck and wonderful things flooded my life.
  34. ✨ The curse is lifted! ✨
  35. I don't know why I was cursed.
  36. I don't know why it lifted.
    my mom won't tell me what she did. there's like a 10% chance she's messing with me, and a 90% chance she did something magic. or maybe it was my soon to be sister (officially!) @thetrillwitch!
  37. but gypsy curses are real.
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