I get nostalgic for many things, and these are some of them. I am certain this will be an ongoing series because I have a very sharp memory.
  1. Summer camp
    I went to a weird French language immersion camp in Minnesota when I was a kid and it was amazing. I can't fully explain why because it was also miserable and scarring (mosquitos, terrible group showers) but I think there is something to be said for spending a summer in nature disconnected from everything - even your family (and in the case of this French camp, your name and identity!) - just to learn and sing and be outside a lot.
  2. Boku
    raspberry white grape juice, specifically. what happened to this company? Richard Lewis was an odd choice. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boku_(juice)
  3. Gathering in school to watch NASA events
    the challenger was devastating, but so educational about the danger and drama of the space program. I feel like NASA is doing lots of interesting stuff and I have no idea what's up as a grown up.
  4. The Snorks
    I feel like this show would totally not hold up, but I'm oddly nostalgic for the land of make believe.
  5. Details of my childhood bedroom
    I'm a long ways from Chicagoland where I grew up. but I vividly remember the sailboat stickers I carefully affixed to my aluminum trash can with strawberries on it, the flocked wallpaper, the feeling of standing on the heating vent with bare feet which totally burned but was the best relief for cold winter limbs.
  6. Autumn
    I haven't really seen one of these red-yellow crunchy leaf seasons in at least ten years.
  7. my cat Peechee
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    I had him for 14 years and he died at 17. he was the best, sweetest. I miss him pretty much every day. He was named for a band I liked when I got him in the 90s, The PeeChees