we saw some really cool things underwater today
  1. so I drew them in my sketchbook
  2. we are in a magical place with @linz904
    it almost didn't happen because I've had a serious flu.
  3. we went snorkeling because it seemed like a fun thing to do
  4. it was!!!!!
  5. we saw:
  6. sea turtles!
    flying underwater, eating some shrubby looking stuff
  7. brainy looking coral and a million sea urchins
    lots of other cool kinds of coral, too
  8. sea cucumbers!!!
    big ones!
  9. a palm flower sort of looking thing that we put on a post a couple hundred feet from the shore
  10. tropical fish
  11. an area so dense with fish, I called it "fish land"
  12. it's been a very good day
  13. 🌴🌊🐢🐡🐟🐠🏊❤️