the beginning of a series. it's just how my brain is.
  1. is the dj name "DJ Just Kidding Rowling" already taken?
  2. what else can I make with pb2?
    it's an insane futuristic peanut butter exclusively for people who downloaded MyFitnessPal the app
  3. what is the most normal, mundane, ordinary thing about Beyoncé?
    anyone? taking suggestions & accepting lists inspired by this prompt. this is what comes up when you google "beyonce looking bad" 🙄
  4. will they ever make LASIK for ears?
    good lord i hope so
  5. is there someone non-creepy in my neighborhood who would let me use their pool? or is that already too creepy a request?
    normal heights, are you out there? (that's the name of my neighborhood. normal heights!)
  6. why aren't plantains more like bananas in any other way?
    it's confusing. like I feel like even the names should be more similar. anyone up for planana as a new word?