Inspired by @bjnovak. photos from recent moments with this
  1. I agree: walk
    Somewhere foreign to you, not just your neighborhood. I don't know if it inspires me, but it definitely takes my mind out of the "you suck and everything you make sucks" mode which is usually what my block is all about and reminds me that the world is actually pretty wonderful.
  2. sketchbook
    draw somewhere where no one will ever see. make sure no one sees it. it's important to have private spaces to be creative. there is too much emphasis on making something to share every day. that's not how good work is made, that's how a quantity of work is made.
  3. do the most annoying thing on your to do list. just get it done. now.
    often I am not really blocked, just dreading something I have to do - related or unrelated to my creative project. do it, and move on with your life.
  4. ☝️ write a to do list first if you haven't already.
    come on, people. we're on, do I really need to tell you this? ps @dev that sea monsters list was a classic
  5. get together with a friend who is also working on something
    @linz904 is my go-to coworking buddy so I call dibs on her. hilarious dude adamjk who I want to be friends with recently wrote something like "working with a friend is a great way to ignore a friend" or something like that, but really, coworking makes crappy stuff so much more fun and creates an accountability and energy. I don't have a photo of us working so here's one of us on vacay in Hawaii. coworking buds 4ev / work hard play hard!!!!!!!
  6. ask a friend for feedback
    sometimes you just need someone else to see what you're seeing and help you past a bump. I like to ask my sister @wonderlilly her opinion because she's also in publishing and knows what she's talking about. plus when I skype with her, I get to stare at her gorgeous engagement ring without her realizing 💍💍💍💍💍💍👀👀👀👀👀
  7. pet a pet, take a nap, take a bath, take a break, talk on the phone, do something else, don't procrastinate but do recharge
    you might not be blocked, you might just be burned out. I sure am sometimes! take a break and recharge. be careful not to procrastinate pretending you're actually recharging and there you just spent ten hours on Instagram. that's not a recharge. do something that lowers your heart rate and restores your mind and body.
  8. research
    sometimes I feel blocked because I'm not sure where to take my work, idea or project next. go on a fact finding mission to discover your options. like for me, I'm currently researching buying wooden frames in bulk. this might mean my next art show has all work of a uniform size. it'll help me move forward to not have that part of things up in the air
  9. just relax and get to work
    the worst that can happen is you throw it away. no big deal. 🗑 if you're not actively making things it's the same as throwing away something that sucked, only you didn't learn anything and you feel shitty about yourself if you just sit on your butt doing nothing
  10. 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽✌🏽