I have a whole lot of kitsch in my house. Here's some of it.
  1. not the first or even second pair of ceramic animals on the wall
  2. not the first or even second open mouthed hippo in my home.
    the small bird is actually a bell
  3. the umbrella dress man is from Mexico, recently
  4. my friend Caitlin made the ceramic half face
    and there's an Amish woman to go with the Amish man (they're salt and pepper shakers)
  5. salt and pepper and a lock that looks like an antelope
  6. more salt & pepper
  7. by the kitchen sink
  8. more by the kitchen sink
  9. on the oven
  10. pastry thing on a chicken on the wall
  11. quietest sneeze
    hidden on the bookshelf
  12. on the bookshelf
  13. art mixed with kitsch
    sculpture by Brendan Monroe, Friends With You, and cake toppers I made from my wedding
  14. ok maybe I have a problem