is this thing going to lose its novelty in a month? does it take up too much space? is my $15 blender from target basically good enough?
  1. I really want one of these but they are like $500
  2. that is a lot for me.
    the last time I spent $500 on something was a long time ago.
  3. is this thing going to lose its novelty pretty quickly?
  4. thoughts?
  5. I LOVE mine. I used my parents' a lot when I loved with them after undergrad, and had wanted one of my own for YEARS before I got mine last Christmas. Granted I say this as someone who was gifted the blender, but it's worth it. It can blend anything, and mine is even temp controlled. Also, it is super easy to cleanup. I use mine minimum 4x/week.
    FYI, I've heard you can get them refurbished for less $!
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  6. ☝🏽️ doesn't refurbished mean it was previously used to chop up bodies?
  7. We use Vitamixs (Vitamixes? Vitamixi?) at Jamba. These things are the blenders of the gods.
    But like, yeah, it's a lot of money. So if you make smoothies a lot, and can afford it, go for it. (I would totally buy one if I had the cash to spare)
    Suggested by @supabg
  8. Vitamix 🙌🏽
    Have used it a lot to make our own peanut butter, lots of other fun stuff, and the smoothies are super duper. Originally balked at price, but have never regretted it.
    Suggested by @edge