Listen up! Follow @mikedoughty, he's new here and rad.
  1. He is an accomplished musician
  2. and writer!
    of an autobiography and poems!
  3. and person!
    friend of sus
  4. He is also secretly a documentarian of life on the capital R Road and exotic street art.
    strongly recommend his blog
  5. We've known each other for, like, ever.
    Yet I don't think we've ever taken a photo together? That's weird. Mike, that is weird. Isn't that weird? It is.
  6. He's introduced me to, or is one degree of separation from, almost every wonderful and highly creative, funny and brilliant person I know.
  7. He's smart and fun and funny.
  8. He's your new ListApp BFF
  9. 💃🏽
  10. Mike, I thought of you re: List bc it's sort of like the olden days of the Internet in some ways.
    AOL keyword PeachPit
  11. And I look forward to your lists.
  12. 🤖