1. I have an aunt with a long memory whom I haven't seen in a couple decades.
  2. I've been using some of my time with her to find out more about my great greats
    whom my parents never speak of
  3. great grandfathers, great great grandfathers, my grandfather's great great grandfathers
  4. great grandmothers, etc
    it's grrrrreat!
  5. the stories are unbelievable...
    if you've never asked about yours, call up your oldest relative and ask. now!
  6. like, here's a signed declaration from the king declaring my great great great great grandmother have the noble title "beloved of the kingdom"
    what kind of GoT business is this? I didn't believe my dad so he pulled this out as proof
  7. this serious moustachio, my great great grandfather, was mistakenly poisoned when given the wrong medication by a pharmacist
  8. when asking about my great grandmother, my aunt told me she had twins who both died in a fire as teens. seven kids overall.
    even my mom didn't know this about her grandmother!
  9. my great grandfather died, and his inseparable white dog died a week later, heartbroken.
    it happened then, too, you guys.
  10. I had no idea such stories were contained in my family.
  11. do you know anything about yours? their hobbies? their occupations?
  12. go ask & report back!
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  14. ➕ your greats
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  16. My great great (?) grandfather was making moonshine (potcheen) in Ireland and was going to get in trouble with the Black and Tans but the rich family his father worked for owed him a favor because he saved one of their horses, so they smuggled Daniel out of the country by hiding him underneath the pig trough
    And *LEGEND HAS IT* that when he finally got to America, the first person he met was named Gary McDaniels so he said his name was Daniel McGarry because he didn't want to give his real name in case they found him abroad. So that's how I got my last name (maybe)
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  17. Also, my great great uncle was in charge of the Irish mafia in New Jersey at one point and if I ever live there, I can apparently get one of those metal friends & family cards that get you out of trouble with the cops.
    My uncle told me to just drop his name if I ever get pulled over in NJ and I can't wait to try it
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  18. Also my great great uncle died in a broom accident but none of us know what that is
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  19. my great grandfather Phil Moffatt was a football star at Stanford...unfortunately don't think legacies extend this far :/
    Suggested by @wqm
  20. My great great (maybe another great but I can't remember) grandmother came over from Denmark alone when she was 15
    Her name was Christina Christiansen and she married her cousin who was named........ Christian Christiansen
    Suggested by @zoeyryanne
  21. I'm related to P.G.T. Beauregard
    Which is a real bummer, so...
    Suggested by @thetrillwitch
  22. There's an uncomfortable percentage of my families women serving as nuns.
    When I was a child it was 50% of my living female relatives; close relatives too like my aunts.
    Suggested by @thetrillwitch
  23. Suicides run in my family
    On both sides.
    Suggested by @thetrillwitch
  24. My great great uncle was an elevator operator in the fine arts building in Chicago! I used to ride the elevator in that building when I needs to buy sheet music in college.
    Suggested by @evak
  25. My maternal grandfather was a rumored polygamist who was also a suspected Communist. He hid in the jungle during the Communist Insurgency War, and was barred from seeing my mother. We have never met him, and we know we have several arms of relations still unknown and unmet.
    Suggested by @aida
  26. My Dutch great great grandfather ran four windmills near Amsterdam, which ground cocoa powder for chocolate! One of "our" windmills is open to tourists now and there's a bust of him in the Zaandam windmill museum.
    Suggested by @marceline
  27. My paternal grandfather was the world champion of boxing in the flyweight category in 1929
    Suggested by @kbethsilver
  28. My great-great-uncle was the sheriff of the town I grew up in. He was one of the first police officers to have a police motorcycle. He survived a motorcycle accident and being shot twice with a rifle, one shot puncturing a lung, by his wife.
    Suggested by @moonjockey
  29. My great-great-grandpa got two girls pregnant around the same time. He married one of them, and his brother married the other. The babies were born on the same day in the same hospital.
    Suggested by @moonjockey
  30. My great-uncle Major Don Beerbower was a leading ace pilot in WWII. He shot down 19ish Nazi planes before being shot down himself over France at the age of 24, just weeks before he was supposed to come home. He might have survived if his parachute hadn't failed to open (something that happened to many other pilots).
    There is footage of him in his plane, named after his baby girl Bonnie, on YouTube! http://youtu.be/q29j5Xp5odA He had a second plane named Bonnie B II, and after he died the surviving men in his squadron named a new plane Bonnie B III in his honor. Also, there is a very detailed book, The Oranges Are Sweet, about him. It includes several of the letters he sent home.
    Suggested by @moonjockey