1. It's weird
  2. I've been getting all these notifications about people who are following me
  3. when I look at their profiles, they are ALL following exactly 100 people
  4. they've written no lists
  5. they've liked no lists
  6. I'm fairly sure they haven't read any of my lists
  7. (because my lists feel very lonely lately!)
    seriously, go see my Asafo flags list! BADASS, RADICAL WARRIOR FLAGS OF GHANA 🇬🇭
  8. why are these people following me (and 99 others)?
  9. who are they?
  10. and why won't they use the app they've joined properly?
  11. where did these shells of people come from?!!!???!!!!????!!!!
  12. are they spam accounts?
  13. are they real?
  14. if you are one of these people, why