it's only been a few days, but I can already tell this is love.
  1. the format is a creatively helpful restriction.
    the same thing happens in design: a couple restrictive rules allows creative problem solving to thrive. these lists are so much more than lists!
  2. i was already really into lists and list making.
    I actually make and sell to-do list notepads. I handwrite my own to-do list every day. this app appeals to my existing interests and simultaneously suits my hermit lifestyle x28473729847482939
  3. everyone here seems smart, hilarious and charming.
    that tiny bit of effort it takes to make a list seems to organically weed out the assholes and the unthinking.
  4. the more well known people here seem to be cool, too!
    a few people here are recognizable as actors or writers, and they seem cool, too! that makes me feel extra happy for their success at work and life. go, famous people of List!
  5. lists:listapp is like cats:internet
    I feel like the list app is doing what the the internet, in general, did for cats: suddenly there is a place for an otherwise solitary interest to socialize itself, a cat park. this is like a dog park for lists.
  6. I can write things like the bullet point above...
    and even though it barely makes sense, someone here will get it.
  7. something magical happened before I got here.
    anybody else notice the beta users waxing nostalgic? about an app! took me 5 minutes and saw it, too. this community is special & I have super envy of what it must have been like when it was smaller and more intimate!
  8. ✨NEW✨it's not iList or Listy or Lstr
    this app doesn't have a stupid name and I appreciate that about it. cc @dev