Best 10 Sitcoms

My fav sitcoms of all time (what do you think of my list?)
  1. Seinfeld
    The comedy that changed everything.
  2. Honeymooners
    The first great and possibly most influential sitcom of all time. Gleason and Carney are my fav duo in TV history.
  3. Curb your Enthusiasm
    Larry David's curb is even better than his first sitcom Seinfeld.
  4. The Office(U.S.)
    Never get tired of watching Carrell and company. Brilliant!
  5. All in the family
    One of kind. Never see something this courageous on TV again.
  6. Taxi
    Louie DePalma played by Danny DeVito makes this show a must see even today. Might be the funniest character I've ever seen.
  7. How I met your mother
    Original and amazing from first to last episode.
  8. Friends
    My comfort food show. Always puts a smile on face.
  9. Cheers
    Loved it. The cast felt like family.
  10. Frazier
    Great spin-off