Take note, bitches.
  1. Beans
    Chili is acceptable, but dependent on the quality.
  2. Beef/Steak
    Again, will allow chili.
  3. Cheeses of sorts
    Pepper jack, Monterey, cheddar, chihuahua, literally any form of queso dip.
  4. Jalapeño poppers
    Like, can you imagine?
  5. CORN
    These sweet, golden chiclets of joy are extremely under rated and forgotten when it comes to the art of nacho making.
  6. Lettuce
    Not that fucking romaine shit either. Shredded iceberg or gtfo. Put the tiniest bit of vinegar on there. Life changing.
  7. Salsa
    Or as my grandmother calls it: "salza." Medium heat. We've already got jalapeño poppers.
  8. Sour cream
    Could eat a bowl by itself but that's not socially acceptable.
  9. Guacamole