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  1. Prom?
    Went on a retreat with some friends in the woods. Found this and asked Lauren (my wife) if she was interested
  2. Selfie
    Went to Cavs game with mom and the 2 Lauren Buescher's
  3. Bone Broth
    Indulged in some bone broths
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My favorite Cleveland beers (in no particular order)
  1. Conway's Irish Ale
    Made by Great Lakes Brewing Co. in Ohio City. This is a seasonal beer that only comes out during the first quarter of every year. It's slightly sweet and very malty. My favorite from Great Lakes Brewery
  2. Prosperity Wheat
    Made by Market Garden Brewery in Ohio City. Delicious wheat beer for hot summer weather - has some orange fruity flavor (similar to Blue Moon if you're unfamiliar)
  3. Holly Jolly Christmas Ale
    Made by Fat Head's Brewery in North Olmstead. Released during the holidays this beer has all the good Xmas flavors you want - ginger, cinnamon, etc.
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My favorite Cleveland food staples (in no particular order)
  1. Sokolowski's
    Heavy Eastern European food served family style - think stuffed cabbage, pierogis, & chicken paprikash (my favorite).
  2. Melt Bar & Grilled
    GIANT grilled cheese sandwiches done 50 different ways. My favorite was a seasonal special called the Ninja Turtle that had pizza rolls in a pesto sauce.
  3. Happy Dog
    Take your standard hot dog, french fries, and tater tots - and put ANYTHING on them. The list of toppings has about 100 different topping options. My favorite is a dog with chorizo chili, Momocho hot sauce, and cheese - with fries with a fried egg on them
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