Mercifully, there was no time limit. Also, I didn't have to clean up.
  1. This is what I found on the counter when I walked in the door (at 8:15, but I'm not mad)
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  2. Here's the note a bit closer
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  3. The ingredients are:
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    Cucumber, tomatoes, lemon, chorizo, and rotisserie chicken.
  4. Water, get to boiling.
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    It's looking like pasta (I have plenty in the Chopped pantry) a choice that would no doubt get me eliminated in the entree round for lack of creativity. (A smaller pot of water gets going to peel the tomatoes.)
  5. Get over here, lemon
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    I'm turning half of you into a cocktail.
  6. Somehow, my most challenging ingredient is the cucumber.
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    Doesn't fit into my pasta plan. Solution: toss with sliced red onion, sugar, salt, pepper, and red wine vinegar -- all pantry ingredients.
  7. Core 'em & Score 'em...
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  8. And into the water they go.
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  9. Your turn, corn!
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    I found this great trick in the deep recesses of the Internet for shucking corn. Microwave whole ears on high for 3 minutes. (Sidebar: I have no idea what power setting my microwave is on, let alone how to adjust it. I'm assuming high?)
  10. After 3 minutes...
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    Cut off the bottom inch of the ear, and the corn slips out (silk-free)
  11. Dice chorizo & skin the chicken
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    Both go into the pan to render (plus I'm stealing some of that magical seasoning from the outside of the bird that would otherwise be tossed.)
  12. Then shred the rest of the chicken
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    Bye bones.
  13. Pasta: in
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    I have half a bag of these yummy little overpriced rings. 10 minute cook time.
  14. Chrorizo out, chicken skin trashed, corn and peeled/diced tomato in.
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    Once the corn started to caramelize, I deglazed with the juice of the other half of the lemon.
  15. Enter chorizo, pasta water, parsley (pantry ingredient) and salt
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  16. Tossed in the chicken and the pasta
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    Photos are blurry because Chopped is very stressful.
  17. Made it rain with Parmigiano-Reggiano of Hurricane Rita proportions
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  18. And dinner was served
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    Not the prettiest, but it was dank. And HAAY leftovers.