Everyone has a lot going on these days. We're busy. We like being busy. We say we are busy even when we are not. We act like we are busier than others. Time truly is a precious commodity; we can't manufacture more of it. But, I don't care how busy you are.
  1. You probably created most of what is making you "busy" yourself. You said yes. You signed up. You are chasing that last 5% of minutiae that no one else cares about.
  2. Having things to do all day at work doesn't make you busy, it makes you employed. Doing work is your job.
  3. You probably don't understand that there is a difference between important and urgent. Not everything that is urgent is important, and not everything that is really important is urgent. When something is both, you have your priority.
  4. You probably don't understand priority. You can't come up with more time to do things. You can only choose what you focus on. Learn to prioritize and you want be as "busy."