Sometimes there are dry spells at work.
  1. Dan Patrick Show & The Herd
    DP 9-12. Herd 12-3 on iheartradio. Shaughn Handley started it.
  2. Yelp/Yellow Pages
    I sit on these pages around lunch time. New to Indy I'm trying to find some great eats.
  3. Snapchat snipe fellow employees
    You use your snap as a scope with crosshairs such as call of duty. I'm known for multi kills.
  4. Calculate bills
    It's nice to see just how much money you don't see that go straight into bills/necessities/essentials.
  5. Fantasy Football
    I over analyze every move that goes on in my three leagues. Current records: 3-4. 1-6. 0-7.