1. When we picked up the rental car: whether or not Mom was ready to leave
  2. Whether or not we should "just drive around"
  3. The position of Dad's headrest
  4. Whether or not Dad had the Costco card with him
  5. The name of the beer they had at dinner last night
  6. What side of the bed Mom "took"
  7. Taking water glasses into the bathroom
  8. The location of the TV remote
  9. How to open the screen door to the porch
  10. How short ribs should be cooked
  11. Whether or not there were two sizes of coffee filters in the cupboard
  12. Who would do the dishes (they both insisted on doing them)
  13. Whether anyone in the house was "blaming" Mom for not liking cilantro
  14. Whether or not the Bok Choy would keep until Monday
  15. Whether or not they were arguing
  16. How much rice they put in the salt shaker