Just capturing some of the random things I want to do with friends in 2017. Find something that sounds good to you and let's make plans!
  1. Ski weekend
    Let's get a house (or two) and escape to the Pocono for skiing and hot toddies!
  2. Adult gymnastics class
    Let's go to an adult Tumbling class at inMovement | http://phillyinmovement.com/our-programs/adult-classes/
  3. Painting with a Twist
    I know, I'm basic. But who doesn't like to make something new while getting tipsy with friends?!
  4. Potluck Dinner(s)
    Recipe swaps, cook offs, Potluck movie marathons, game nights. Guys, this one never gets old.
  5. DIY sommelier wine nights
    Let's drink our way through every varietal in Drink This: Wine Made Simple | https://www.amazon.com/dp/0345511654/
  6. Indoor rock climbing
    So many Groupons are always available for this in Philly.
  7. Wii Karaoke / Just Dance House Party
    Seriously, I have so many of these games. Come over and bust a move.
  8. Eat all of the delicious things in Philly
  9. Indoor skydiving
    There's one in KOP now! https://www.iflyworld.com
  10. BYO Pottery Painting