@auntiedawn I love you! 🎈🎉❤️
  1. She helped celebrate my 10th birthday, and every one since
    Here's to thirty more!
  2. She speaks truth to me in a way that nobody else can get away with
    I don't always like it, but I always know she's right.
  3. She has an easy laugh
  4. And she loves to laugh!
  5. She is fiercely loyal
    to her friends, to her family, to the Red Sox…
  6. She likes to cook
    Because I don't
  7. She's good at cooking
    And I am definitely not
  8. She has excellent taste in music
  9. She's wicked smaht
    I marvel (mahvel?) at her problem-solving skills
  10. She gives excellent counsel
    Not just what I want to hear, but truly listens
  11. She has a strong sense of justice
  12. She has a strong faith
  13. She can stop whatever she is doing at a moments notice and lie down on the floor to rest
    Because she's tiiiired
  14. She co-commiserates on how to handle moms
    The duty of only daughters...
  15. She becomes easily exasperated with me
    And it's therefore fun to push her buttons!
  16. She loves people
  17. She's the best auntie ever
    I've lost count of how many kids she is auntie to
  18. She has good taste in books
    And often passes them on once completed
  19. She is crafty
  20. She's got this wisdom that comes from some inner 110 year old person inside
    It's intimidating and useful at the same time
  21. She doesn't sweat the small stuff
    And reminds me not to, either
  22. She puts more emphasis on relationship building than housekeeping
    And that's how it should be!
  23. She's direct and not afraid to confront a problem
  24. "I've got a bone to pick with you"
    If she got upset with me she use to say this.
  25. She introduced me to Patrick Swayze
    Nobody puts Baby in a corner...
  26. She loved Jonathan and I loved Jordan and we would plan to marry them and be next door neighbors in Boston...
    Wait. You DO live in Boston. Are you married to Jon Knight and didn't want to hurt my feelings because Jordan got away?
  27. She has tolerated thirty years of my boy drama
    Oh gosh, is this because you've been happily involved with Jon the entire time?
  28. She's a leader
  29. She's thoughtful
    I get random cards in the mail, usually reminding me not to sweat the small stuff
  30. She loves Jimmy and JT as much as I do
    We're gonna be bff's with you someday, @JimmyFallon ! I know it!
  31. She is resourceful
    Like the year when KMart was sold out of the new Salt-N-Pepa cassette so she wrapped a tiny box filled with salt and pepper and gave it to me for my birthday
  32. She takes care of her family
    Even when they make her crazy. It's hard being the oldest and only daughter!
  33. She is obsessed with things I do not understand but I appreciate her dedication
    Dole Whips from Disney World, cooking shows, cooking stores...
  34. She is a good harmonizer
    We've sung the crap out of every IG song in existence
  35. She has become a Red Sox diehard while still maintaining her passion for Derek Jeter
    and she sees no dichotomy in this...
  36. She's embraced New England as home and is an awesome tour guide
  37. She know her wines
    And she's not afraid to drink them!
  38. She's an amazing role model
    Especially to all the girls she works with at her church and all the little girls to whom she is auntie
  39. She loves her baby nephew with reckless abandon
    And I wish I could get her a ticket to go meet him for her birthday
  40. She loves her friends like family and would do anything for us
    Love you! Happy happy happy day to you, my dear friend!!!