1. Alka Seltzer can pretty much cure any ill
  2. Check the oil
    And know how to do this. And always have a rag to clean the dipstick so that you can get a good reading.
  3. Check the tire pressure
    And know how to change the tire. At the very least know where your jack is and the lug nut wrench so that you can assist a stranger helping you in the mall parking lot.
  4. Naps are permissible any time of day and for whatever length it helps one to function at maximal capacity
  5. It's best not to engage mom when she's fired up...
    See previous post about mom and morning coffee's not being optional
  6. Laughing and making jokes will dissipate fury. Usually.
  7. There is no fault in being late for everything in one's life except a Penn State football game.
  8. Every stranger is just a friend I've not yet met.
  9. Ignoring household projects, while satisfying in the short run, will almost always end in someone's tears.
    Suggested by @auntiedawn
  10. Just be yourself. Don't put on airs and don't worry about being "appropriate"
    This might include wearing the "kiss my ass" (written in Gaelic) tee shirt in front of an Irish priest; shouting whatever is on your mind to a friend, even in mixed company ("boy did you go bald since the last time I saw you!"); and intentionally embarrassing your teenage daughter at every. single. opportunity.
  11. An all-you-can-eat salad bar or buffet is a challenge to be accepted.
  12. It IS more fun to sing in falsetto!
    See "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", the Chipmunks Christmas Song, anything by Frankie Vali
  13. Don't break up with one guy until you have another option.
    Suggested by @cordeliane