Some from my own brain, some mind-blowing notions from others...
  1. Narwhals are REAL.
    And they are soooo interesting! Giant whales with unicornesque horns - Paul Nicklen, National Geographic photographer, has some amazing pics of these beautiful creatures on Instagram.
  2. The Easter Island heads have bodies! Credit: @mentalfloss
  3. From now on, every date in the Back to the Future trilogy is in the past
    ...So they'll just need to make a fourth film, set in 2045.
  4. Chimpanzees can have Trisomy 21
  5. I will eat pretty much anything pumpkin/pumpkin spice flavored, but I'm not actually a huge fan of pumpkin pie
  6. Vision is just a signal sent to receptors in the brain
    ...and because of that, our bodies have to have mechanisms to shut off the signals so that when we turn our heads we can see a new image; otherwise the image would just remain fused there. (Credit: Dr. Michael Cascio)
  7. I don't remember these details from taking genetics in 96 because they DIDN'T EXIST YET
    In 1996 the Human Genome Project was still in its infancy, so in the last twenty years, our understanding of the genetic code has exploded, exponentially.
  8. I saw almost every single Friends episode on its original air date
    Not on Netflix. But occasionally on my vcr, because we would "tape" our shows in college. (My roommates and I had a high-tech vcr that we could program to tape shows while we were "in class" on Thursday nights)