this is going to be a great 3 months
  1. Meek Mill - R.I.C.O. (feat. Drake)
    heard it was good. final thoughts: did I just arrive in banger city, because this song is a banger
  2. Taylor Swift - Bad Blood
    yes. fuck you
  3. FKA Twigs - Pendulum
    I already downloaded this song, so I don't know why I need apple music to listen to it BUT FUCK IT TWIGS DESERVES THAT 0.1 cent I gave her just now
  4. The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio
    I can't listen to this band without hearing my grandmother's reaction to the frontman: "he sounds like mark knophler. except... not as good. I'm sorry, do you really like them?"
  5. Sigur Ros - Ekki Múkk
    this was when I realized I needed to start doing my physics homework