I took in my mom's brand new car to the dealer today
  1. do they make the service center hard to find on purpose?
    it's like they want their cars to break down just so you leave them them the fuck alone
  2. this carpet looks like shit. there's smooth, finished hardwood everywhere and then a patch of carpet from a soccer mom's mud room
  3. I look way too young to be doing this
  4. do they think I stole this car?
    are they just going to sit me down and then call the police?
  5. everyone looks like they want to be somewhere else. the employees, the customers, everyone
    and me. especially me
  6. mark ruffalo too. he looks like he really doesn't wants to be on live! with kelly & michael
    completely understandable, mark
  7. omg a Beaverton Honda ad just played on the TV. how do they allow this lol
    they're literally across the street from each other
  8. shit I forgot I have to drive back in this car
    can't even turn on the radio it's too scary