From best to less best for POTUS over the last 7 years.
  1. Estella - Because there, he's just Barry. What better way to show the world that he's the most badass food pres.
  2. The Nomad - Nod to the new Princes of NY.
  3. Gotham Bar & Grill - The OG of the grouping gets BO mad points.
  4. Red Rooster - An essential dap to Marcus and Harlem.
  5. Maialino - Rome is too far and Danny's version is way more inviting. Hail to the King of hospitality.
  6. Upland - When you don't have a satisfying Italian American meal the night before (Carbone), you go get authentic Italian the next day.
  7. Blue Hill - Dropped because he could have went to Stone Barns. He is the pres.
  8. Carbone - His daughters wanted red sauce and Angelo's had too much mob history.