Bus etiquette is such a touchy subject. Follow these tips to improve everyone's public transit experience
  1. Wake up the old man who has fallen asleep on your left shoulder
    Sure he's drooling on your new jacket from h&m but catching a few z's is something we all wish we could do. Don't deprive him.
  2. Hold on to the bar for stability
    Just rely on the people around you to hold you up!
  3. Use headphones
    You know you have a better musical taste than everybody on the bus anyway. Just hook up to your Bluetooth speaker. Nobody will mind, I promise.
  4. Use a lid for your Tim Hortons double double.
    Combine this with list item number 2 to really get the party started
  5. Chew your gum with your mouth closed
    Most transit users are super curious about what flavour you're chewing. It's a jealousy thing. Just chew in a really exaggerated way and blow out so it gives people a better chance to guess if you're chewing juicy fruit or trident tropical
  6. Wear deodorant
    I heard that it attracts mosquitos, and mosquitos spread malaria. Do everybody a favour and keep malaria out of your transit system
  7. Forget anything at home
    Just throw everything that you might need in one of these puppies and take up the wheelchair spot