1. Earliest known: Puppy
  2. Preschool: Raphael
    of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  3. Kindergarten: Devil
    of Hell
  4. 1st Grade: Red Ranger
    of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  5. 2nd Grade: Robin
    of Batman and Robin
  6. 3rd Grade: Grim Reaper
    of Death
  7. 4th Grade: Darth Vader
    of Star Wars
  8. 5th Grade: Killer from Scream
    of Scream
  9. 6th Grade: Witch
    with boobs
  10. 7th Grade: Hippie
  11. 12th Grade: Repeat of Raphael
  12. Junior Year of College: Nurse Joker
    of The Dark Knight
  13. Senior Year of College: George Michael Bluth
    of Arrested Development
  14. 2014: Poison Ivy
    of Batman and Robin
  15. 2015: Dapper R2-D2
    of Star Wars