Most Episodes of Lost are Character-Centric. These are my favorite episodes per each character.
  1. Jack: Man of Science, Man of Faith
  2. Shannon: Abandoned
  3. Michael: Special
  4. Locke: Walkabout
  5. Claire: Par Avion
  6. Hurley: Tricia Tanaka is Dead
  7. Rose and Bernard: S.O.S.
  8. Boone: Hearts and Minds
  9. Charlie: Greatest Hits
  10. Sawyer: LaFleur
  11. Sun and Jin: Ji Yeon
  12. Kate: What Kate Did
  13. Sayid: The Economist
  14. Ana Lucia: Collision
  15. Desmond: Flashes Before Your Eyes
  16. Mr. Eko: The 23rd Psalm
  17. Ben: The Shape of Things to Come
  18. Juliet: Not in Portland
  19. Nikki and Paulo: Exposé
  20. Richard: Ab Aeterno
  21. Faraday: The Variable
  22. Miles: Some Like it Hoth
  23. Jacob: The Incident