Things I Am Good At

  1. Prentending I'm good at everything
    Is it that hard to believe that I am?
  2. Being whatever Marvel villain my sons ask me to be.
    And of course I take one for the team and let them kick my ass.
  3. Remembering super important things
    Like the origin of the kilogram as a unit of measurement.
  4. Forgetting less important things
    Like sending the rent check or ever texting anyone back.
  5. Making coffee
    Other skills include: drinking coffee
  6. Using language to be subversive
    I recommend using the app Terminology as a workout routine.
  7. Watching and loving one episode of a TV series, and never watching another episode.
    For Breaking Bad I watched a YouTube to catch me up on the first 4.5 seasons, then watched the last half of the final season.