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These are the things I'm super into this summer.
  1. Anything that keeps me from sweating my skin off.
    Includes fans that plug in your phone, ice pops, ice cream, AC, cold water, etc.
  2. That stupid Rolex song.
    Gah, I know. It's so dumb. But it's so catchy. And the man has a goal he wants to achieve. I appreciate tangible goals and results.
  3. The Bachelorette.
    Rachel is the best Bachelorette they've had, she has some serious eye candy on her season, and she's an inspiring boss lady who tells it like it is. I'm here for it!
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  1. All the dog pictures.
    My parents' dog, dog friends, dogs up for adoption through Streetdog Foundation, where I volunteer. ALL THE DOGS.
  2. Bella - sister pup
  3. Screenshots of stupid Trump tweets.
    So that I can share my disbelief with other.
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Inspired by @stephani and doesn't include the copious amount of CNN and news I watch.
  1. The Walking Dead
  2. Get Out
  3. Don't Breathe
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I'll count the couple I watched right around New Years. Running list...
  1. War Dogs
    Loved this. It was funny, interesting and just enjoyable as hell. Plus Miles Teller.
  2. Mike and Dave need wedding dates
    Yes, this was raunchy. Yes, it was immature. And hell yes, it was hysterical. I haven't laughed that hard in so long... do yourself a favor and watch it. Only if you're 18+ ;)
  3. Sausage Party
    Eh. I laughed a few times but this one was mostly just alright. I wouldn't watch it again. Maybe my expectations on this one should have been pretty low going into it...
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This is a dream list of course...
  1. Toronto.
    Thanks Drake, for putting this place on the map and making me aware of how cool this city is. I've heard great things, and it's crept up my list.
  2. Destin.
    Cliche, I know. I've never been though and need a beach trip.
  3. Atlanta.
    By default, because I am going to Atlanta.
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Post-holiday edition.
  1. Book challenges
    I've printed like 3 and am planning to read way more this year. Can't wait.
  2. Still turning on my Christmas tree until I take it down
    It's just so pretty...
  3. Mystery Diners
    I've always loved this show. But I've watched a ton lately.
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  1. I live in Memphis and don't like Elvis.
    There. I said it.
  2. I started Orange is the New Black a while back and was not a fan.
    Who wants to watch an obnoxious privileged girl on Tv when there's plenty in real life?
  3. Kanye is not a lyrical genius or the voice of this generation or anything other than a douche who happens to rap alright.
    Love Lockdown is soooooo good. Beyond that, I could leave him or take him.
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This is a really tough thing to decide...
  1. Arrested Development
    This one is a no-brainer. My go to show for laughs and comfort.
  2. Buffy
    The OG of badass vampire slayers. Love the humor in this show and it takes me back to my childhood. I wanted to be her growing up.
  3. Game of Thrones
    I binged this show in like a couple weeks this year. I could watch the seasons over and over. So good.
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Thought I'd do one of these "things I'm into this week" posts!
  1. Leah Remini: Scientology and the aftermath
    So I am pretty much obsessed with this show and all things exposing Scientology. It's fascinating. Plus she's fierce and fearless. 2017 role model, y'all!
  2. Childish Gambino: Awaken my love
    Guys. One of my favorite rappers and all around favorite people made a funky psychedelic r&b album. And he performed one of the tracks on Fallon with glittery pants and no shirt. I think I love this man...
  3. Any material to read or listen to that encourages mindfulness and being present.
    I'm trying to work on this all the time, but the holidays are a bit trying. So trying to devour more of this.
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  1. Panda by Desiigner.
    Yes, it's repetitive. Yes, it's stupid. Yes, it's mind numbingly catchy and awesome.
  2. Any song by Ariana Grande.
    Girl can saaaaang.
  3. Starboy by The Weeknd.
    Or anything by him... love. Although I am one of those people who prefers his "earlier stuff"
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