I'll count the couple I watched right around New Years. Running list...
  1. War Dogs
    Loved this. It was funny, interesting and just enjoyable as hell. Plus Miles Teller.
  2. Mike and Dave need wedding dates
    Yes, this was raunchy. Yes, it was immature. And hell yes, it was hysterical. I haven't laughed that hard in so long... do yourself a favor and watch it. Only if you're 18+ ;)
  3. Sausage Party
    Eh. I laughed a few times but this one was mostly just alright. I wouldn't watch it again. Maybe my expectations on this one should have been pretty low going into it...
  4. The Accountant
    I really, really liked this movie. It was exciting, interesting, bent my brain a bit, and the acting was really good. Plus it has a lot of my favorite folks in it! Ben, John Lithgow, Shane from Walking Dead, Anna K... loved it. And I loved that it showed that people with learning or mental disorders can still do great things. :) good stuff. I would recommend for sure.
  5. Arrival
    So. Good. Wow. It was beautiful, hopeful, heartbreaking, well acted, and made me feel thangs. I loved this movie. I'd suggest anyone watch it, not just sci fi fans. It speaks about humanity and touches on how we could be better to each other in a very subtle way. Go watch this film.
  6. Secret life of pets
    It was cute. I watched after Arrival so it felt a bit simple after watching that complex masterpiece. It was a fun, funny, adorable movie that made me tear up a time or two. I love dogs, don't judge. It's cute and worth the watch.
  7. Girl on the train
    I haven't read the book, probably still will one day. The movie was pretty good; I have to imagine the book is better and unravels more smoothly. I loved the twistiness of this story though.
  8. Nocturnal animals
    I didn't realize until after I watched it that Tom Ford directed it. Totally makes sense. It was such a stylish movie with not as much substance. It also had David Lynch vibes. Weird. I liked it, didn't love it.
  9. Don't Breathe
    This was a pretty solid thriller that seemed to be pretty different than the bulk of horror films out there. It was tense, and I watched it with my hand over my mouth. There was a twist I didn't love but up until then it was great stuff...
  10. Get Out
    I'm not sure what to say about this. I LOVED it. It was damn near flawless in my eyes. I wanted to watch it again immediately after it was over, and I wished I could unsee it so I could experience it again for the first time. I'm weird, I know, but this is damn good. Has a clear message that is completely needed in our society, but it still managed to be light and funny in parts. Jordan Peele, make all the movies please.
  11. Manchester by the Sea
    Not much to say about this one except that it was really good and well-acted. Casey Affleck is super talented. It was a heartbreaking and touching reflection on grief, and I really liked it. Didn't love it, but it's probably a hard movie to love.
  12. EDIT: I've seen Get Out twice.
    It's that good.
  13. Patriot's Day
    This was a really great and touching film. I remember watching the news about the Boston bombing and the hunt for the bombers. This seemed to be an accurate representation, as far as I could tell.
  14. EDIT: I've seen Get Out three times.
    Yes, it is THAT good.
  15. Office Christmas Party
    This was an ok comedy. Definitely a "hard R" type comedy - very raunchy. I didn't laugh out loud during it but found it entertaining. Wouldn't recommend to most people or watch again, but I'm not mad I watched it. That probably about sums it up.
  16. La La Land
    This wasn't as perfect as everyone has said. I definitely wouldn't call it a best picture. But I enjoyed it. It had great music, fun scenes, and an interesting storyline.
  17. Fences.
    I really disliked this movie. I fully understand that it's brilliantly-acted, impactful, etc. but I despised the main character so much I almost turned the movie off. Part of this has to do with some personal experiences I've had that aligned with some of his behaviors. It made me angry.
  18. Live by Night
    I love anything Ben Affleck does, especially when he's directing and acting in it. This was probably his weakest directorial effort but I still really enjoyed it. I love any gangster film basically, and this one has enough to be different.
  19. Wonder Woman
    This was SO good. I'm not a comic person and I loved it. I left the movie feeling like a boss lady. Chris Pine was also great and funny. Go see it!
  20. Split.
    Eh. Outside of James McAvoy's outstanding performance this was kind of a snooze. Skip it.
  21. Edit: I've seen Get Out four times now.
    Definitely my favorite of the year, clearly. See it now if you haven't!
  22. 47 Meters Down.
    I actually loved this! Definitely recommend if you like shark movies. Probably the best one I've seen in a long time. Forgot how fab Mandy Moore is as an actress too. This was well-paced, entertaining, genuinely terrifying and very different than the usual movie like this. The ending was great too. Go see it!
  23. The Belko Experiment.
    This could have technically been better, but it was pretty damn enjoyable! I really liked this one. Tony Goldwyn was particularly great in the star-studded ensemble cast. Very gory, funny in parts, just a different type of movie. Unless you've seen Battle Royale 😜
  24. Suicide squad.
    Finally got around to watching this. Prob could have skipped it. I'm not a comic buff or anything but this seemed to be a bit of a mess. I liked Will Smith and Margo Robbie in this but otherwise meh. Oh, and the Joker was in it for a total of like 15 minutes max. Pretty disappointing.