Post-holiday edition.
  1. Book challenges
    I've printed like 3 and am planning to read way more this year. Can't wait.
  2. Still turning on my Christmas tree until I take it down
    It's just so pretty...
  3. Mystery Diners
    I've always loved this show. But I've watched a ton lately.
  4. Trashy movies and shows
    I've had an urge to watch Magic Mike XXL all day, and I can't wait for the new 50 shades movie... so sue me.
  5. Reading Trump's tweets and getting myself worked up
    It's apparently a theme lately...
  6. Going to the library
  7. Spending some time alone
    Always into this...
  8. The Bachelor!!!
    Don't usually watch this, but I LOVE Nick. Can't wait to watch the train wreck.
  9. Ipsy
    I'm back on the Ipsy train after canceling months ago. Trying to cut down on subs though.
  10. Enjoying the last few weeks of having a sane person for Pres...
  11. Getting back into working out