Thought I'd do one of these "things I'm into this week" posts!
  1. Leah Remini: Scientology and the aftermath
    So I am pretty much obsessed with this show and all things exposing Scientology. It's fascinating. Plus she's fierce and fearless. 2017 role model, y'all!
  2. Childish Gambino: Awaken my love
    Guys. One of my favorite rappers and all around favorite people made a funky psychedelic r&b album. And he performed one of the tracks on Fallon with glittery pants and no shirt. I think I love this man...
  3. Any material to read or listen to that encourages mindfulness and being present.
    I'm trying to work on this all the time, but the holidays are a bit trying. So trying to devour more of this.
  4. Sleep.
    I'm always into sleep but extra into it knowing the next several days are gonna be bananas.
  5. Ferraro Rocher chocolates.
    I only eat these in December. But when I eat them I don't half ass it. I eat like 1700 of these bad boys.
  6. Home Alone and Christmas Vacation.
    100 percent the 2 best Christmas movies. I watch them multiple times leading up to Christmas.
  7. Westworld.
    Still finishing up this wonderful show. It's been one of the better shows on HBO outside of Thrones.