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  1. July 1 was our 10-year anniversary.
    We don't do nuptials, so we celebrate the day we decided to become a couple. And we're not into big splashy events, so we decided to go out for dinner.
  2. It was bittersweet.
    After all, his father passed away mere weeks ago. We're getting better, but it still hurts a lot and I think about him every few hours.
  3. He announced to me that he'd made me a card.
    It's not unheard of - on our 4th anniversary he made a "FOUR MORE YEARS"-themed card. Oh Scott!
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Names of actual boats I can see from my bedroom window right now aka the dubious perks of living at a marina
  1. High Noon
    This one is moored right outside our house, and the owners are never around so we like to pretend it belongs to us.
  2. Polar Bear
    Second favourite boat - the owner is always working on it or taking it out for a spin and we think he's the best boat owner there is.
  3. Marigold
    I think that's a better name for a puppet than a boat tbh
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Inspired by @erikaaa and also by my boyfriend.
  1. Be Stephen Colbert
    Amen, @erikaaa.
  2. Send emails containing my wildest dreams titled "Ready for the craziest idea?"
    Literally the beginning of the story of how we ended up owning a floating home.
  3. Be Evan Peters
    OH DANG.
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  1. I don't have to drag myself to the gym
    In fact, it's my happy place. I lucked out and found one with a nice pool, friendly staff and trainers, and clean, well-maintained equipment. Outside of home, it's where I feel most comfortable and welcome. It's more expensive than most gyms and 100% worth it.
  2. It's an established habit.
    I joined the gym at the beginning of March, and I've been working out regularly ever since. Even if I don't make it to that particular gym, I'll swim at a nearby pool or take my bike out. I just really really want to always be doing something.
  3. I feel stronger and that was the point all along.
    I rode my bike across the big fucking bridge by my place for the first time in months recently, and it was... easy? I felt like a fucking superhero, except that I earned those powers.
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A year and a month ago, we lost my mother-in-law. And then one of my high school classmates. And then, the father of some of my closest friends. And now, my father-in-law. So if you've been around me in the past year, you've already been doing these things whether you knew it or not.
  1. There are no right words, but kind words are never wrong.
    I believe that the intention matters more than whether your choice of caring words fits my personal worldview. So go ahead and make it religious - I respect your faith. Say something you'd want to hear if it was you, even if it's not quite right for me. If you're trying, I'm thankful.
  2. Distractions
    I think grief is like breath - it's there whether you're conscious of it or not. I've been distracting myself by watching American Horror Story. Life is unfair, but at least I don't live in Murder House!
  3. Let's drink.
    Enough said.
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It's been a day
  1. We had a beach bonfire in his memory.
    We joked that he wouldn't show up to a party like this. It rained the entire time, after all.
  2. The family was there.
    His kids, many of his grandchildren. Me. Because I'm part of this family, and I'll always be really proud of that.
  3. It was really fun.
    I fell in the ocean. My Nike high tops are in the dryer right now.
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  1. I'm flying out to be with the family.
  2. I'll be home in less than 24 hours
    Because I didn't have time to arrange for cat-sitting.
  3. I'm drinking an 18 oz glass of Stella Artois in an airport bar
    I love airport bars. And I don't think I'm up for food just yet.
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  1. This rainy fucking day
  2. The day before Father's Day.
  3. And I can't stop crying
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  1. Travis Fimmel is fun to watch.
    He's got the whole enigmatic charm thing happening - his characters are always thinking more than they're saying, and you want to see more of them. Plus, he has really sparkly eyes.
  2. I know nothing of this World (of Warcraft).
    I've seen the South Park Warcraft episode and that's my entire WoW background. So I probably missed a lot.
  3. Or did I?
    I think I can stop confidently say this movie was a big, unappealing mess.
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  1. The Craigslist mission I'm on
    I'm hopefully picking up a Nishiki Rally and riding it up my alley! Just kidding, my literal alley is the ocean. If it falls through, there are a billion other vintage Nishiki road bikes out there. I just trust my Craigslist-dar and really want a new bike today.
  2. The ol' Friday swim and gym
    I de-fogged my goggles and I am SO STOKED.
  3. A weekend without plans
    I'm going to do fuckin' nothing. Except for probably a lot of bike rides.
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