Today marks one year without her. He didn't mention the anniversary of her death yesterday, and it's not something you bring up. "Don't forget to feel more sad today than you already feel every day" is not a thing to say. Anyway, she was lovely.
  1. She was a beauty queen.
  2. She and her husband owned a photo shop.
    He's a photographer, and she was a framer. It hardly gets more #relationshipgoals. While her husband is known for having shot many iconic images of Quesnel, she could find a way to frame anything. She became the best at what she did.
  3. She raised the nicest boy in the world.
    And I get to live with him.
  4. She was nice to me.
    And that's something.
  5. She fought.
    The thing about cancer is that sometimes, you can't win. Sometimes, you put on your brave face and you do everything you can, and through no fault of your own you fail to kick its ass. And she was the bravest, and it wasn't fair.
  6. She hated swearing.
    So I apologize for using the "A" word.