Names of actual boats I can see from my bedroom window right now aka the dubious perks of living at a marina
  1. High Noon
    This one is moored right outside our house, and the owners are never around so we like to pretend it belongs to us.
  2. Polar Bear
    Second favourite boat - the owner is always working on it or taking it out for a spin and we think he's the best boat owner there is.
  3. Marigold
    I think that's a better name for a puppet than a boat tbh
  4. Orca Strait
  5. Hat Trick
    Because sports. *slow clap*
  6. LadyHawk
    Sure, I'd name a boat after a movie too. Probably Ice Station Zebra or something cool like that. I should get a boat.
  7. Toybox
    Ugh. Delete your boat.
  8. Wet Affair
    No no no. Take your boat far away from here and never return with your poor judgement.
  9. Nauti Lass
    Why do people who choose these names get to have boats at all? They shouldn't be allowed to handle butter knives. This place is a bog of eternal unfairness.
  10. Poseidon's Executioner
    The smallest boat I've seen here because of course it is. I haven't seen it the water but I'm sure it'll explode and sink the moment it hits the surface because you just don't fuck with Poseidon.
  11. Honourable mention: Orange Joe
    That's our canoe's name and it's the best name.