Animals whose privacy I have violated

Spoiler alert: most of them swim.
  1. This cat.
  2. Also this cat.
  3. This crab.
  4. This seagull (and the unfortunate starfish in its stupid beak)
  5. This tiny jelly.
    I thought I was pointing the GoPro at a sea gooseberry. SURPRISE TINY JELLY
  6. This duck thing.
    I'm pretty sure it's a Bufflehead. Let's just call it a Bufflehead, because we should take any opportunity we can to use such a fun name.
  7. This birdie.
    It was taking a bath! I'm a monster for violating this birdie's privacy.
  8. This fish.
    It followed my camera around, so we kind of had a mutual thing.
  9. This seal.
    It's hard to get a good picture of a seal, because when you're just hanging out on your deck and suddenly a seal shows up, there's a lot of excitement in your heart that tends to crowd out you inner photographer. But trust me, this is a seal that totally violated my privacy. Consider the tables turned, you splashy beast.