1. I swam a kilometer for the first time
    And it felt amazing. The pool was almost empty, and I had the lane all to myself, and it was really two lanes so I had more lanes to myself than I even needed. I didn't want to leave.
  2. I came home and hopped into the canoe with Scott
    Not a euphemism. But it should be! Hashtag Canada.
  3. We went under a restaurant
    This place is known for its patio, but that patio is being rebuilt right now. We might not catch this weird view again.
  4. Impromptu canoe time
    It's one of the best things about living on water. Our house would be in this shot if it weren't for that giant sailboat.
  5. We talked about celebrities we'd totally bone.
    Hashtag relationship goals.
  6. Scott picked Morena Baccarin
    But could not remember her last name. Fun fact: we named our house Serenity and there are Firefly posters on any wall not covered in bookshelves. Our Inara poster is right by my side of the bed. Wait, is that weird?
  7. My choice was pretty obvs
    Spoiler alert!
  8. Dad stuff
    Then we talked about how I identified so strongly with Quicksilver's whole family plotline in the movie - how I don't know who my own father is, how safe a bet it is that he's at least somewhat monstrous. How I've fantasized about coming face-to-face with him and even in my own imagination it plays out exactly like the scene in the movie that I won't spoil for you.
  9. I don't think I've told him about that before
    People with complete, functional families tend to get a little bummed out when you talk about the weird broken holes in your family, no matter how okay you are with it all.
  10. Then we picked up some garbage that was floating around in the ocean
  11. Then the sun went down and we ran out of wine
    So we paddled home, pulled the canoe up onto the deck, and replenished our drinks.
  12. And then we watched Kingsman: The Secret Service and ate soup
    Also not a euphemism.
  13. Best evening ever!