1. July 1 was our 10-year anniversary.
    We don't do nuptials, so we celebrate the day we decided to become a couple. And we're not into big splashy events, so we decided to go out for dinner.
  2. It was bittersweet.
    After all, his father passed away mere weeks ago. We're getting better, but it still hurts a lot and I think about him every few hours.
  3. He announced to me that he'd made me a card.
    It's not unheard of - on our 4th anniversary he made a "FOUR MORE YEARS"-themed card. Oh Scott!
  4. The inside makes it even more obvious, but the front does the trick.
    Backstory: I've been talking about getting laser eye surgery for years, and I just haven't been able to make it happen. But now, it's going to happen.
  5. He decided to do this about two days ago.
    He was notified of the inheritance coming his way and immediately thought, "let's fix Brandy's eyes!"
  6. What really gets me about this
    As a photographer, Scott's dad shared his unique artistic vision with everyone and anyone. The whole idea of the camera as an extension of the eye. How he shared his gifts so generously, and how much Scott is his father's son.
  7. But really
    Myopia is not the end of the world. But it does get in the way of my active lifestyle, and the freedom to run around/swim/bike/frolic means absolutely everything to me.
  8. When I read the card, I had no words.
    I was in the happiest state of shock. And he was BEAMING. He was the sun. He wrote a song for me called Sunshine a few years back, but it's him, he's the shiniest of them all.
  9. He just left town
    To join his sisters in going through their dad's belongings. And I'm just sitting here, beside myself, realising stuff and listing it. I knew that was happening and wasn't sure we'd even get our anniversary date together. Boy, did we.
  10. The magnitude of this gesture is just starting to sink in.
    I don't think I've ever happy-cried in my entire life up until now.