1. I don't have to drag myself to the gym
    In fact, it's my happy place. I lucked out and found one with a nice pool, friendly staff and trainers, and clean, well-maintained equipment. Outside of home, it's where I feel most comfortable and welcome. It's more expensive than most gyms and 100% worth it.
  2. It's an established habit.
    I joined the gym at the beginning of March, and I've been working out regularly ever since. Even if I don't make it to that particular gym, I'll swim at a nearby pool or take my bike out. I just really really want to always be doing something.
  3. I feel stronger and that was the point all along.
    I rode my bike across the big fucking bridge by my place for the first time in months recently, and it was... easy? I felt like a fucking superhero, except that I earned those powers.
  4. I'm constantly sore from constantly having done stuff the day before
    Or two days before. And it's not pain anymore either. It's kinda tingly and I constantly want to stretch, like a kitty.
  5. I want to branch out into other activities
    I never thought I'd say this, but I want to start running. WTF.
  6. I hate that this matters
    But I can see results. I don't know if anyone else can, and I do not care. But I've dropped a significant but number of pounds and inches. I just started doing this to counteract the sedentary nature of my job and because I don't want to lose mobility with age, so this is a total bonus.
  7. It really does make me happy.
    Swimming is getting easier. I'm still thankful for and excited that I can swim at all. And when my arms are like "I want to stop lifting these weights" and my brain is like "NO JUST LIFT THEM" and then my arms are like "oh okay", I feel pretty great that that all happened. Discipline, motherfucker! I totally have it.