1. I just whispered "shut up, kid" as I heard a child wail in the distance. My boyfriend chuckled.
    So there's that.
  2. Pondering the troubling lessons I picked my from my mother that I've spent my entire adult life unlearning.
    Thanks for that.
  3. Reminding myself to get the fuck over the fact that my mom kind of sucked.
    I won. I'm happy. Like, really happy. I will not continue the cycle of abuse and misery and guilt, and I think that's a pretty fucking sweet victory. Thanks for making everything so hard, mom. Now I can do anything.
  4. Thinking about the nice moms out there.
    Like my mother-in-law, who passed away almost a year ago. Everyone loves you, M.
  5. Brunch, I guess?
    Just because I don't have a kid (and never will) doesn't mean I'm not super hungry for brunch, Scott.
  6. Oh yeah, and a movie!
    I wish Tony Stark was my mom. I'd probably work in a STEM field and have a drinking problem.