1. iPad
    It doesn't cook anything, but it does all the organizing. I use Paprika, an amazing app that manages your recipe collection and has a meal planning feature that will create a shopping list based on the recipes you've got planned, AND you can scale recipes and it'll adjust the amounts in the shopping list accordingly. I almost cried when I found this app, and between it, my various to-do lists and Remote (who cooks without background music?), it really keeps my life together.
  2. Rice cooker
    I've got a moderately fancy Zojirushi, and I've had it for years and it's a dreamboat. It cooks everything perfectly, and it plays a cute little song when it's ready.
  3. Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer
    Even when I'm not using it to make pie dough, or juice a few oranges, or whip up some marshmallows or whatever, it's always there looking majestic. Everyone should decorate their kitchen with one.
  4. Self-stirring Crock Pot
    This one is taking its maiden voyage right now, so it makes my list by pure novelty. But come on- it stirs itself!
  5. Breville Milk Cafe
    It's a fancy milk frother, and I don't use it often. Mornings are too hectic, and I don't come home from work craving no lattes. But when I do whip it out, it's a thing of beauty. Plus, it can turn Irish cream into boozy froth. Clearly, I need TO dust this thing off.
  6. A respectable collection of mason jars
    I don't even can! But I do use them as drinkware, lunch containers, and freezer-friendly food storage. They're cheap, easy to clean, reliable, and you can buy neat little accessories for them. Neat little accessories are something I trip over often.