It's been a day
  1. We had a beach bonfire in his memory.
    We joked that he wouldn't show up to a party like this. It rained the entire time, after all.
  2. The family was there.
    His kids, many of his grandchildren. Me. Because I'm part of this family, and I'll always be really proud of that.
  3. It was really fun.
    I fell in the ocean. My Nike high tops are in the dryer right now.
  4. We told family stories and had a lot of laughs, and there were a lot of tears, too.
  5. I saw his loveliness reflected in everyone today.
    Our past got a lot bigger, but we are infinitely durable. If there's one thing I bring to this family, it's the ability to endure.
  6. I belong here.
    He loved me like any other member of the family. Scott's father did, and Scott's mother did. I loved them, they loved me, and I miss them both. He called me "kid", and it was sweet.