1. Travis Fimmel is fun to watch.
    He's got the whole enigmatic charm thing happening - his characters are always thinking more than they're saying, and you want to see more of them. Plus, he has really sparkly eyes.
  2. I know nothing of this World (of Warcraft).
    I've seen the South Park Warcraft episode and that's my entire WoW background. So I probably missed a lot.
  3. Or did I?
    I think I can stop confidently say this movie was a big, unappealing mess.
  4. Sorry, everyone listed in the credits.
    I'm sure everyone who worked on this movie is really nice, but I still had a bad time watching this thing.
  5. Just go watch Vikings instead.
    If you were going this movie would deliver awesome battle scenes, it does not. Vikings does, along with compelling characters other stuff that's awesome.
  6. Also
    Ruth Negga is amazing, and Warcraft gave her almost nothing to do.
  7. I wish I'd gone to see X-Men: Apocalypse again.