I sat beside the lady version of Jim Gaffigan's character from Flight of the Concords for three stops on the Canada Line today. These are just the questions I remember; there were many more. What a sweet, curious lady. 💖
  1. Is Ivy Park in Vancouver?
  2. Is it nice?
  3. Nice bottle! Water bottle?
  4. Is that water in there?
  5. Do you get parched when it's hot outside?
  6. Do you carry food with you, too?
  7. Gonna have kids? Later, I mean. You're so young!
  8. Gonna get married?
  9. Do you ever go to baseball games?
  10. Where do you work?
  11. Are you an administrative assistant?
  12. Do you braid your own hair?
  13. Huh. So, shower, dry off, and braid your hair?
  14. Does my hair look okay?
  15. Is it easy to get to the baseball diamond?
  16. Which stop do you get off at? Vancouver City Center?
  17. King Edward?
  18. Is your boyfriend there one you're going to marry?
  19. Where does he work?
  20. Do you both have cars?
  21. Do you have nieces and nephews?
  22. Which one?
  23. Nieces?
  24. Or nephews?
  25. How old are they?
  26. From your brother?
  27. Or your sister?
  28. Do you see them on Christmas and holidays?
  29. See them a lot?
  30. It won't be hard to find, will it?