Inspired by @erikaaa and also by my boyfriend.
  1. Be Stephen Colbert
    Amen, @erikaaa.
  2. Send emails containing my wildest dreams titled "Ready for the craziest idea?"
    Literally the beginning of the story of how we ended up owning a floating home.
  3. Be Evan Peters
    OH DANG.
  4. Play guitar.
    Especially if you've chosen a favourite decade and refuse to leave it. 😍
  5. Stick with me for 10 years
    Six more days until our anniversary, but I think it's safe to say we'll stick it out for at least another week.
  6. Be my height
    I love looking a guy in the eyes without having to tilt my head at all. Looking back at my past relationships, bigger height differential = bigger jerk. I'm not saying tall people are assholes, I'm just saying they are if I've had anything to do with them, Andrew.
  7. Do nice things in the world
    Pick up someone else's litter. Tip generously. Speak kindly of your exes (but not too kindly because you're here now). Don't just act nice to impress, you have to actually be nice, all the way down there in your adorable little heart.
  8. Be Beck.
    So dreamy I don't even care about the whole Scientology thing.