Based on a suggestion by @annamariematz
  1. Walt Disney World
    I estimate I've been about 20 times since I was five and still haven't done the RocknRoller Coaster.
  2. Disney Cruise
    A meh experience, but I was eight. What did I know? Also, I got stuck on a water bicycle. A good story ... For another time.
  3. Graceland
    Twice... Elvis' personal clothier had a shop that sold replicas of his most iconic apparel. I wore this to school in 5th grade. (It was three sizes too big)
  4. Key West
    The highlight was visiting Hemingway's house and witnessing the vast amounts of cats.
  5. Las Vegas
    Not sure why we went here because my family doesn't gamble. It was fun though.
  6. New York City
    It's ok ;)
  7. Dallas
    We visited the location where the exteriors of the Prime Time soap opera Dallas was filmed. Of all things.